Gun Ownership Obligations and Kids
Firearms and kids are never the most thought of combos. This is one good reason we invest in gun safes. The fact is, several states require firearms to be held in locked containers whenever children (under 18) exist in the residence. The truth, though, is the fact that gun safety around children is about much more than keeping it locked out of site. Education is likely to go a long ways in safeguarding your child in the long run. The natural curiosity of a child will often be piqued by forbidden containers so it might be worth your while to take a seat and make clear some of the basic ideas behind guns to your child once you feel that they are mature enough to treat the subject with the seriousness it ought to get.

Bear in mind that this is no reason to get lazy about locking up your firearm. Keeping your firearm safely locked away is the best method to keep your child safe and sound and ought to be adhered to religiously. In reality, in most states, you will be guilty of a misdemeanor or possibly a felony should your child (under 18) acquire your firearm and either carry it to a public spot, injure a person, or kill someone. The number one rule of gun safety and children is that you simply can't ever be too careful. Even though you have no kids, there's always the danger that a relative’s child comes to visit so it is important to practice safe gun ownership all of the time. This can include keeping your gun unloaded and locked away with ammo kept in a different container.
While keeping your gun locked up is the first line of defense in preventing unwanted incidents there are additional techniques for keeping your family safe around firearms. Once you believe that your child is old enough to look at the discussion seriously it could be time to talk about firearms. By talking about it you may dispel a lot of the mystery around them and reduce the natural curiosity of your child. Be open to any questions and emphasize the hazards associated with guns along with the obligation necessary. It could be important, depending on the age, to generate a powerful variation between reality and make-believe. Should your child stumble upon a gun at some time, he or she will at least know something about it as well as the hazards it presents and hopefully not be so inclined to figure it out on their own.

Finally, it is very important lead by example and exercise proper firearms ownership. Should you teach a single thing and do another you will end up sending mixed signals which may weaken the fundamental safety basics of owning a gun. Should you ever use your firearm around your child be sure to diligently practice the appropriate safety measures and demonstrate responsible gun ownership. Plus, again, never forget that whenever it comes to children and guns, you may never be too careful.

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My Search For a Quiet Air Compressor is Over


​​​​​​​​I had developed high hopes for my T635-HD compressor made by Thomas after I purchased it a few years ago. Back then, it was considered the quietest air compressor in its class. When it came time to buy a rebuild kit, I was out of luck. Looks like Thomas went out of business or merely quit offering support for its series. Although I'm generally very good with regards to finding a difficult to find part, I made the decision it really was not worth it wanting to bring an old unit back again. I do what I usually do and looked at Home Depot and hit Google up for some research. Stumbled on the website and read through a ton of reviews. This is one of the better sites because it tells you the specifications of each product including the important decibel rating. Noise level to me is probably the most important numbers to be aware of but it is also one of the hardest to locate.​

Introducing the Rolair JC10
Soon after doing my homework, I decided on the Rolair to replace the Thomas and dang, am I impressed. At first I thought it was my error because it made so little noise. You have to (not) hear it to believe it. The compressor screams top quality. This unit gets to 100% capacity (125psi) in around a minute and recovers in only seconds. This is by far the least noisy 1HP compressor you can find. I am not going to let you know that you could run it underneath the dining room table while you eat and never notice it. However, I will say that it runs under my work bench in my garage as I gladly tinker away without irritating me in the slightest.

It isn't actually as ergonomic as the DeWalt 55141 I was also contemplating and a little heavier but provides more air and I'm hoping it will fill the difference that I have had for eight years between light, portable and quiet and a do-everything air compressor. Very high quality fittings and guages. Effortless enough to carry upstairs and nobody will complain if you use it within their residence. The grip on the handle requires an upgrade, and I have already fitted a 90 degree elbow made of grass so the pressure gauge points upwards in order to see it without tipping the air compressor on its side, yet it's definitely a keeper. Time will tell if it does all I need. It's not a shop or 2 man compressor though.

I have owned it for two months and can enthusiastically "Highly recommend" this unit for anyone looking for a small and VERY quiet air compressor that appears long lasting. A good compressor (for me personally) is sometimes the difference between a good day and a frustrating day on the job yet unfortunately, there are too many sloppy compressors in the marketplace. I'm expecting this Rolair air compressor to live up to my expectations.